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Take Ten for Writers

Writing Prompts

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October 2009
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Generate Ideas and Stimulate Your Writing

  • Author: Bonnie Neubauer
  • Publisher: Writer’s Digest
  • Year:2009-10-14
  • Page count: 218 pg
  • Price: $21.99

 Do you need inspiration to write? Or are you suffering from writer’s block? Author , Bonnie Neubauer, has written a marvellous book, “Take Ten for Writers”, to help you find inspiration to write. All you need to do is take ten minutes each day to complete the writing prompts, and your writing will improve. You will also learn the art and craft of creative writing.

 “Take Ten for Writers” is a book of writing exercises. Each exercise has 10 ways of completing. The total number of exercises is 1,000. Each exercise is two pages long, consisting of five parts.

In part one, you are provided with the setup or scenario. In part two, you are to pick a number from 1 to 10, write it down, and then turn the page.

In part three, you select a corresponding number from the list of ten variables. Each variable provides you with a unique way of completing the exercise.

In part four, write for 10 minutes to complete the writing exercise.

 In part five, you are provided with tips, suggestions, questions, or ideas that are intended to help you to write, find inspiration, and improve your writing.

 For instance, exercise 4, “A House Divided”, tells you to write about a time in which you felt divided about a decision, incident, or act.

 Exercise 6, “Bear in Mind”, presents you with a scenario: You just turned 100 and are asked to tell a scary story about a “bear” to an 18 year old. Your goal is to scare her using one of the corresponding variables as a writing prompt.

 Exercise 14, “Classified Information”, tells you to write a descriptive classified ad that describes who you are and what you are seeking. You are to start with: In search of…

 For exercise 22, you are presented with a scenario: A guy shows up at your door unexpected. You look through the peephole. You are to start with: If you know what is good for you… Next, you are to pick a number from 1 to 10, and then turn the page. If, for instance, you selected “5”, you are to respond as if you are a small town cop.

The author, Bonnie Neubauer, believes that learning should be fun and play should be educational. Her new book “Take Ten for Writing” reflects this view. Each exercise is original and entertaining,  and will help you find your creative spirit.

Neubauer also conducts workshops on writing and has written “Write-Brain Workbook”. To find about more about the author, visit .

Her book is for anyone who wants to learn how to write creatively. If you are having trouble finding ideas to write about, or if you are experiencing writer’s block, then “Take Ten for Writer’s” is a book you should purchase and read.

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    Michele Tracy Berger

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