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Blogging as a Form of Creative Writing

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September 2009
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Why You Should Use a Blog to Practise Your Writing

A creative writer is anybody who writes a personal journal, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, such as a personal essay, memoir, article, or essay. And with the dawn of Web 2.0, Internet users now have a new way to write creatively—by blogging. Here are seven reasons why every creative writer should blog:

  1. A blog can be your online journal or Web diary. You can write about your day-to-day life, significant events, your opinions, views, thoughts, or feeling. Essentially, a blog allows you to write aboug anything.
  2. Blogging is a great way to practise or experiment with your writing. The blog allows you to write poetry, a personal essay, even a short story. As well, you can use your blog as a personal journal, which is one of the easiest ways to begin creative writing. Furthermore, your blog allows you to experiment with style and diction and different writing formats. For instance, the other day, I posted a Q & A. I had never done this before. So, the experience allowed me to learn something new about writing.
  3. A blog is a useful way of organizing your writing. You can arrange your posts by category. As well, each post includes a date and a title, which provides you and your readers with an easy way to find the post.
  4. A blog can be an online scrapbook. You can add links to content that inspires you, or embed photos or video clips in your posts.
  5. A blog is a permanent record of your work. Unless you delete your blog or your post, your blog allows you to permanently store your work.  Each time you save your writing , it is stored on the Web.
  6. Your blog can be public or private. Most blogging software includes a feature that allows you to determine whether you want others to read your blog.
  7. A blog allows you to write or post content—- anything that is creative. You can post your poetry, short stories, personal essays, photos, commentary, opinions, video clips to your blog, and so forth. Essentially, you can include any content that expresses your creativity.

I am sure that there are other reasons for aspiring writers to blog. These are the ones that I came up with. The most important reason to blog is to practise and experiment with your writing.

If you have any other reasons why writers should blog, please post a comment or contact me at


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