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September 2009
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A few Suggestions on How to Create a Blog

You have decided to blog, but you don’t know how to go about doing it. In this article, I provide some suggestions.

Before you start blogging, the first thing you should do is find out what topics people are blogging about. You can use Technorati (  ), a blog search engine. Ideally, you will want to blog about something original or authentic. You also want to blog about something you are passionate about. Many people create personal blogs to write about their lives.

After you decided what to blog about, you need to choose the tool for creating your blog. There are many tools available on the Web. Some will cost you a monthly fee, such as . Others are free. Two free tools are Google Blogs (  ) and WordPress ( ) .

Once you have chosen your your blog-building software or tool, you need to learn how to use it. For the most part, the software is user friendly—you can learn how to use its features in 30 minutes. First, you will be asked to choose a domain name, theme, login and password, and title for your blog. Then, you should learn how to post content, archive content, upload photos, and upload video. After you have learned how to use the tools, you are ready to build your blog.

Creating your blog is easy. For instance, with WordPress, all you need to do is choose your domain name, fill out some personal information, and then select a theme and a few features—and then you are ready to start blogging.

Popular features you should include on your blog are search functionality, which allows others to find content on your blog. You should also include the archive feature, which allows you to save content to different categories. Another feature you should include is the Page feature, which allows you provide information about your blog on a tabbed page. And you feature you should include is the RSS feed option (Really Simple Syndication), to allow others to get updates to their Blog reader (software for reading content on a blog)

Before you begin blogging, you should learn a few simple techniques for writing content to the Web. Because people scan or skim Web pages for interesting or useful information, you need to make your content scannable. Here is how: Use headings and subheadings. Break long paragraphs into short paragraphs. Highlight important words. Summarize the article in the first paragraph. Use bulleted and numbered lists.

Blogging can be a marvellous way to write creatively. All you need to do is select your blog-building tool, learn how to use the tool, create your blog, learn how to write for the Web, and then start blogging.


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