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What You Should Know About Blogging

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September 2009
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Nine Tips On Blogging

So, you want to show off your writing skills and expertise by blogging, but you don’t know how to get started. Here are nine tips:

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate about and interested in.  There are three types of blogs you can create: personal, professional, or corporate. Those who write personal blogs, write about their personal life and interests. Those who writer professional blogs, post topics related to their work. Those who write corporate blogs write about the company’s products and services. Most people who read this will be aspiring writers or established writers who desire to write a personal or professional blog, such as writing about a book you are publishing.
  2. Find out what others are blogging about. You can use several tools to search for blogs on what others are writing about. The most popular search engine is . Another popular blog search engine is
  3. Read other blogs. After conducting your search, visit the blogs that are of interest to you, and then read the posted content to find out what topics bloggers are writing about.
  4. Define the purpose of your blog. Conduct a brainstorming session to determine what you are going write about. For instance, you might decide to write book reviews, provide tips on writing, or post your poetry.
  5. Determine what features and categories you want to include on your blog. In terms of features, most blogs include a search option that enables readers to search for content on your blog. Most blogs also include an RSS feed, which allows readers to be notified when you add new content to your blog. As far as content goes, most blogs include an archive for old posts, and a list of categories of topics the blogger is writing about, as well as the posts the blogger writes and the responses from readers.
  6. Select a domain name. This is the name of your blog, a name that users will need to type to view your blog. Some well known blog names include Be sure to select a domain name that grabs you reader’s attention and a name they can remember. For instance, I choose the domain name “”
  7. Choose your blogging software. There are many tools available. Two of the most popular are and Both of these tools are free. Before deciding to build your blog with the blogging tools, be sure to find out what features. For instance, can they create a search function or RSS feed on your blog.
  8. Learn how to write for the Web. Before you write your first post, learn how to write for the web. It is different than writing paper-based content. Because readers scan news and information on the Web, you must write content that can be read quickly. Briefly, here is how: Write headlines that tell the reader what the content is about. Use bold text for headings and important information. Break long paragraphs into short paragraphs of four or five lines. Use bulleted and numbered lists. Summarize content in the introduction. Link to related information.
  9. Write your post. Each post should include a date and heading or headline. Use a format that includes an introduction, middle, and ending. Write in a friendly and conversational tone. Use language your readers understand. Keep it short.

Next, I will explain a few terms, related to blogging, that you should know.


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  1. Angela says:

    Impressive! I am now following your blog as I find it very informative and helpful to a beginner blogger.

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