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September 2009
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How to Sell Yourself and Your Work

If you want to publish your book or be a freelance writer, you need a writer platform. Without it, you will have difficulty selling a book proposal or manuscript to a publisher. In this article, I define what is a writer platform, identify a few important benefits, and explain how you can build a writer platform.


A writer platform is a tool that you use to promote yourself and your writing. It is a tool for increasing your visibility. It is also a tool for selling your book. This platform includes anything that you can use to promote your skills, expertise, experience, and your work, such as a blog, website, published articles, or published books.


The author platform provides you with several benefits. It enables you to:

  • Promote and sell your skills and expertise
  • Promote your writing
  • Sell your book proposal or manuscript
  • Increase book sales once your book has been published.

How to Build Your Platform

There are several ways in which you can build your writer platform. First, you can create a blog to promote yourself and your work. Your blog needs to include a bio, samples of your work, books you have published, schedules of speaking engagements, and contact information.

You can also build a website to promote yourself and your work. It can include the same features as your blog. As well, you can write a newsletter to encourage visitors to your website to sign up for it by adding their names and email address to your email list.

And you can write articles for magazines or newspapers. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

Another element of your platform is your writing portfolio. It includes samples of the different work you have completed, such as poetry, fiction, articles, essays, and so forth.

As well, you can get recognized by teaching a writing course in a classroom or by doing some public speaking. You can also network by joining social groups and professional affiliations.

The social media tools available on the Web are another way to gain visibility and promote your work. For instance, You can use Facebook, a social networking site  (, to connect and communicate with others. You can also use  Twitter, a micro blogging tool ( to make others aware of you. And you can use a blog-building tool, such as Word Press ( ) , to create your own blog and post your own marketing information. Each of these tools will help you create public awareness about yourself and your work.

Once your book is published, you can promote it through readings and public speaking engagements.

Every writer needs a writer platform. It enables the writer to create public awareness and support from editors and publishers. Without it, writers will have difficulty promoting and selling themselves, their skills, their expertise, and their work.


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