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September 2009
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What You Should Know About Blogs

Blogging on a blog has become a mainstream activity.  Blogs are pervasive and part of our everyday life. According to , 95% of newspapers in the United States have reporter blogs. If you aren’t sure what I mean, then you should read this article. I will define what is a blog, identify a few of the common features of a blog, and list the types of content included on most blogs.


“A blogger blogs on a blog.”  What does this mean? A blog is a website that allows the blogger to write or post content to it, typically text information, such as opinions or commentary.  The person who posts content to the blog is called a “blogger.”  And the act of writing content for the blog is called “blogging. ”

As well, there are three main types of blogs. If the blog is personal, the blogger usually blogs about his/her life. If the blog is professional, the blogger blogs about his/her work. If the blog is corporate, the blogger blogs about the products and services that the company sells.


Most blogs have the following features:

  • Search option, which allows the people who read the blog to find information.
  • Post section, which contains the content that the blogger writes and posts to his or her blog.
  • Comment section, which allows people who read the blog to post comments.
  • Widgets, which are third-part applications that you can be added to the blog.
  • Blogroll, which is a list of links to blogs that the blogger admires and links to.
  • RSS feed, which allows users to be notified when content is updated on the blog.


A blog can include several types of content, such as:

  • Text content or post. This is text information that the blogger writes to the blog.
  • Comments. These are opinions readers make about the post on the blog.
  • Photographs. Blogger can upload and embed pictures to the blog.
  • Video. Bloggers can upload and embed video to a blog.

 For more information, read the “State of Blogosphere” at 

In my next post, I will define some of the common terms about blogs and blogging.

 If you have any questions or comments, please post them to my blog. Or, you can send me a message via email at .


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