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Welcome to the “Find Your Creative Muse Blog”

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September 2009
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According to Technorati (, the most popular blog search engine, millions of people are now blogging on the Web. Furthermore, thousands more begin blogging each day. Why have so many people started blogging? According to Technorati, there are a number of reasons:

Some people create personal blogs. Their blog becomes a personal journal, or online diary, or weblog. They use their blog to write about their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences. Others create professional blogs. They use their blog to write about their work, sharing ideas, information, and expertise. And now, many corporations have launched corporate blogs. These companies have also hired writers to blog about their products and services, to provide public relations, and to influence public opinion.

So, why have I decided to create a blog? First, I will use the blog to practise and experiment with my writing. Blogging is a good way. Secondly, I intend to share my passion, interest, and knowledge of creative writing, including poetry, fiction, nonfiction. Thirdly, I will use my blog will to promote myeslf. And finally, my intention is to entertain others who are interested in creative writing.

If you have any questions, please post a comment or contact me at


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